Top Places to Visit this Summer

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Summer is the time when you must head out on a vacation. The weather is perfect to put on prints and hats and sunglasses. The air feels fresh and with the spring just leaving, the flowers are still in full bloom to make the landscape look nothing less than pure exotic. Read ahead to know about some of the best places that you can visit this summer for the best vacation of your life:

  1. Paris: Paris is the City of Love. You must have watched several movies where scenes from Paris have been flashed time and again. Also, not to forget the tons of stores and high-end brands that are there. Paris is truly the land for someone who can afford it. This is why it is recommended that you fall in love with not just others but also yourself this summer and head to the shimmering Eiffel Tower in the evening. You can then get bags full of clothes and shoes and bags. Remember, cruises an also be great. However, be careful while in Paris because it is known for pickpockets.
  2. Sri Lanka: South to India is the island of Sri Lanka. It is truly beautiful. Having great mythological significance, it has beautiful structures, caves and waterfalls that have been preserved since years now. The gardens and the flora and fauna just cannot be missed at this location which has mountains as well as beaches and caters to holidaymakers of all clients. In case you wish to save on a few extra bucks here and there, you can easily get yourself a room at an inn or a guest house.
  3. Thailand: This is definitely one of the cheapest locations on this list of top places to vacation at this summer. There are a number of islands in Thailand where you can easily go off to get some time off work and all the hectic schedule in your present city of residence. There are a number of beaches where you can chill and also ty scuba diving even if you do not know how to swim. Also, never forget the night markets of Thailand where you can literally buy bags full and still feel like shopping more.
  4. Amsterdam: Located in Europe, Amsterdam is one of the best places to be in summer. Though there are a number of reasons behind this, the biggest and most important reason is their tulip garden. It is the world’s largest tulip garden where you can see acres and back to back lines of tulips in a plethora of colors. The catch is that it blooms only in summer and remains closed during other times of the year. Other than this, you can also go for boat rides in the canal city. While in Amsterdam, you can also visit the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum. While the home of Anne Frank is there to lure all lovers of literature, you can also go for cycling around the clean city.

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