Things You Should Know Before You Travel to Orlando

Disney World, Universal Studios, Seaworld, the sandy beaches, all you can eat restaurants sprinkled everywhere, and the refreshing or more daring water sports are but a few of the many reasons Orlando is a tourist magnet. Everyone wants to spend at least one vacation in this Florida destination, but there are a few things you should carefully consider before you pack your bags and travel to Orlando.


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When to Travel?

Anytime you want would be the first answer. It’s always sunny in Orlando and this city is quite safe from hurricanes and big, scary storms, more so than Miami. However if there’s a school break, then it will be full and the crowds of tourists will take over the theme parks. There are, as always, workarounds, such as the Fastpass at Disney World that will help you skip the lines, or the always available option to start visiting the park the other way around, starting with the exit. While this helps you avoid the crowds, it won’t be for long, and the city will still be filled with tourists.

You might want to consider traveling to Orlando during the school year and closer to holidays people don’t necessarily think of as beach holidays. Christmas is a good example. It will help you get better rates for Orlando hotels if you don’t travel in peak season and you’ll be right on time to enjoy the migration of manatees into Crystal River.

It’s Always Sunny, but You Should Still Consider the Weather!

Orlando is hot and humid. Sunblock is a must, a hat and glasses should also be on your list, and make sure you stay hydrated. It’s a good idea to stay away from sugary drinks and alcohol when the temperatures go up and drink lots of water instead. In fact, you will drink so much water, you should a lot quite a bit of your budget to it.

Another trick you should try? Instead of going for the iced tea, have a hot one. Those in the know say it’s much more refreshing, even if you’ll first wrinkle your nose at the idea of drinking something hot in warm weather.

You Cannot See it all

You might want to, but chances are you will not see everything you add to your list. There are so many theme parks, haunted houses, and movie theaters, there are tempting beaches and thrilling activities, you definitely won’t have time for it all unless you want to go absolutely insane and enjoy nothing of your trip. Try to skip the tickets that grant you access to all parks, you probably won’t see them all in one trip. It will take some of the pressure of and will save you quite a bit of money.

Seaworld Orlando

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Not Everything Free is a Good Idea

As park admissions are not exactly cheap, you might be tempted by that timeshare presentation that promises a free ticket. Skip it, unless you have long hours to waste and are very good at saying no to sales people with mad skills. The completely free transfers offered by Lynx busses, on the other hand, are an excellent idea if you want to go through downtown Orlando.

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