The Story of the Traveling Book

The Story of the Traveling BookThere was once a book with a purpose. Its purpose was to travel the world and entertain people while flying, while taking the train, the ferry or while lying in the sun, in their bed. It has been passed from the lovely Suha of Smores in Arabia to yours truly.

It has already traveled a little, Asia and Europe if I’m not mistaken. But its time with me has come to an end. And the traveling book needs to resume its journey. It’s quite upset with me anyway, because Kayla, my dog, was so taken with the book that she stole it and chewed on it a bit 🙂

But I’m not leaving anywhere soon. So if you are, just let me know, I’ll send it to you. Just comment and tell me where you’re going. I’ll send it to you and you can then give it to someone else. There’s always not enough room while traveling, and circulating such a book is far better than everyone buying new ones. Less paper used 🙂

Before you give the book to someone else, don’t forget to add your name or nickname to he list!