Online Travel and the Myths Surrounding it

Nowadays, you can find everything online: hotels, cheap flights, information on what to do in any corner of the world. With agencies and travel shoppers moving online, what’s really happening behind the myths? Are young travellers really shopping online only? Are travelers really moving back offline? Here’s an interesting piece on myths and the statistics contradicting them. Enjoy!

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  1. RennyBA says:

    Not very surprising, but very interesting facts and figures – thanks for sharing!

    RennyBAs last blog post..Fall beauty in the mountains of Norway

  2. The facts are not surprising. But I still have to wonder how people got to those myths? Some seem so far-off when compared to the real deal.

    Travel Wizards last blog post..Online Travel and the Myths Surrounding it

  3. Great find, with all those cheap hotel ads and whatnot online, you can’t be too sure if you’re being ripped off or not.

    Hoosier Forums last blog post..Life on Mars

  4. Sam Nichols says:

    nothing surprising, but i am sure there is still plenty of people getting ripped off with out even knowing it

  5. I would think more people would shop online for travel deals. While there are some people who seem to be afraid of doing business online, I think a majority of the people realize the internet is a safe place to do business and you can find the best deals online.

  6. Michael says:

    I believe that older generations like to speak in person, it gives the feeling of more reassurance I guess.

    If you travel non-charter people especially younger generations will book online.

    In many cases people just take a ticket arrives at the scene and look for accommodation at the scene, If you travel to lets say Australia, you will find lots of cheap accommodation in Melbourne and Sydney and this will work fine, If you on the other-hand travel to Singapore booking beforehand will save you a lot of money.

  7. It’s not always true that you will get the best deals by booking online ebay should warn people of that. Auction prices on an item often surpass tht of the High Street if bidding fever takes off.
    Persons would be advised to compare compare and compare prices both from online sources and from more traditional outlets like Travel Agents.

    Where the internet cannot be beaten of course is with finding out about destinations and reviewing hotels ect..

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