Lessons Learned when Planning Vacations

As some of you might know, I’ve been enjoying an amazing vacation in Oludeniz for the past three weeks. You might also remember my big list of things to do when going there. Well, I kind of did less than half, some that weren’t planned and did a lot of laying in the sun by the pool, reading a book. So here’s what I’ve learned and would like to share with you in no particular order:

Lesson 1 – Never underestimate the level of tiredness a stressful year has caused

Lesson 2 – Some of the things you waited and waited for: they will be a lot better than you’ve imagined.

Lesson 3 – Sea + Mountains = really amazing roads but extremely tiring diriving

Lesson 4 – What you think is enough time, never is. And time also has this bad habit of just flying by.

Lesson 5 – Relaxing and enjoying yourself is as rewarding as doing a lot of cool stuff

Lesson 6 – If you also want photos from the road there and back, make sure the family/couple/group shutterbug is not the only driver. I was 🙁

Lesson 7 – The Efes beer is amazing!

Lesson 8 – Belly dancing is not that hard

Lesson 9 – Bring more books next time! Running out of books to read sucks a lot more than carrying too many and going back without reading them. I packed four and finished them in a week and a half and bought three more 🙂

Lesson 10 – Pet food stores might also sell used books ??? Yup, I haven’t gotten over this…

Lesson 11 – If you go through the trouble of getting road maps ready, don’t forget them on the living room table!

That’s it for now! Next, I’ll share my cruise experience, my paraglading experience, a review of the amazing hotel I stayed at and some other cool stories I know you’ll love! Stay tuned!

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  1. Andrei says:

    Thanks for the tips, i record it down and use it later on for my travel planning

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