Japan is Back in Business, Welcomes Tourists

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After the earthquake, subsequent tsunami and the nuclear disaster lurking over the country in March, Japan is getting back on track and finally announces through its foreign minister that it is once more open for business and travel. According to minister Takeaki Matsumoto’s statements, Japanese firms are recovering at an impressive pace after the series of disasters starting in March 11.


“We promise all of you that Japan will reshape itself into a more dynamic country” through overcoming the calamity, the foreign minister said. “Japan is and will remain open for business and travel.”

Matsumoto backed his assessment of the current state of affairs in Japan with statements from the World Health Organisation and other international authorities who had pointed out excessive travel restriction measures were in no way necessary at this point.

“Many affected companies and factories are recovering at surprising speed, helped by innovative approaches to tackling the crisis. Domestic and international supply chains are being reconnected. Japan’s strength for manufacturing remains on full display,” Matsumoto added.

Matsumoto explained that the radiation levels in Tokyo were never at a harmful level and food was safe for export. From the very beginning the nuclear scare, Japan took comprehensive measure to make sure no contaminated food products would leave the country.


In the aftermath of the earthquake and the potential nuclear disaster at the Fukushima plant, governments from across the world had issued travel warnings and banned food imports from Japan, as the Asian country set a no-fly zone over the Fukushima region. This caused the Japanese industrial production to drop by 15.3 percent from February to March, a record drop in the country’s documented economic history dating back to 1953.

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