How to Raise More Money on Your Next Charity Bike Ride

Cycling to raise money for charity has become very popular and there are many great bike rides taking place to raise funds for worthy causes – including 100 mile rides and charity challenges cycling London to Paris. Not only is a charity bike ride a great way to push yourself physically, it’s also a wonderful way to raise money for a charity that you believe in.


Sometimes the act of raising money for the ride can be just as challenging and time consuming as the journey itself. However, using the right strategies will help you to succeed and raise more cash. Here are some tips to keep in mind for raising money on your next charity bike ride:

Allow People to Donate Online

The first step to raising money for charity challenges is to set up a webpage that makes it very easy for people to donate money online. These days’ people do almost everything online, so they want a quick way to donate with just one click. Make it as easy as possible for them and they will be more likely to donate.

When you set up your donations page, it is important to get a friend or a family member to make a moderately sized donation first to get the ball rolling. People are less likely to make the move and donate on an empty donations page, but if someone has already made a donation they will be more likely to go for it. Also, the size of the first donation will typically determine the general size of the other donations that follow it.

Promote on Social Media

Share your online donation page on every social network you possibly can, including Facebook and Twitter. When you do so, explain exactly what the charity does and what their money is going to support, so that they understand the concrete benefits of donating. Make sure that you share the announcement with a striking photo and a catchy tagline.

Make it Personal

When you are describing what the charity does, make sure that you are describing it in personal terms rather than in general, vague terms. For example, don’t just say that the charity benefits communities in Africa – say that if the donations reach X amount the community will be able to build a well so that they will not have to walk three miles every day just to get water. Putting the donation into a concrete result will help people to understand the actual effect that their money will have.

Sell Stuff

Another great way to raise money for your next charity bike ride is to sell something. People are more likely to make a donation if they get something in return, whether it is pies, cookies, cakes or other treats. You could also create merchandise such as t-shirts and buttons or sell anything else. If you can convince a local company to donate something that you will be able to sell, you will be doing even better!

Have a Raffle

You can also generate money for your charity bike ride by raffling off a prize. Make sure that the prize is something special that people will want to have the chance of winning. If you can get a great prize donated by a local company, this will be even better.

Be a Little Bit Silly

When you are raising money for a charity bike ride it pays to be a little bit goofy. Why not do the entire ride wearing a silly costume, or have a booth where people can dunk you in water or throw paint at you after making a donation? If you can make people laugh you will catch their interest and make them more likely to donate. Don’t take it so seriously and have a little fun with it – you will make people smile and get them inspired to donate.

These are a few tips that you can keep in mind when you are raising money for your next charity bike ride. Whether you are raising money for impoverished families, endangered animals, disabled children or any other worthy cause – you will be able to use these methods. The more money you raise the better, as it will make the long and difficult journey more worthwhile. You will be able to do something good for a charity and make a big impact that will make a positive impression on the lives of many others.

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