Hotel Review – Quality Hotel Times Square

There are several Quality Hotels in the New York area and I stayed at the one placed in the very heart of Manhattan, 3 minutes away from Times Square. Its clever location is the best thing this hotel has to offer. Other than that, especially in this period, when they are renovating, a lot of things might really suck when you stay there.

There are two elevators, which basically have a will and life of their own. When leaving the hotel, it took us half an hour to get from the third floor to the reception desk downstairs. Why? Simply because it went up and down several times before actually reaching the ground floor. It was nice! The doors were opening and we were seeing now familiar faces and hearing the same old tune: “Look, it’s those two girls again! Didn’t you manage to get off?”.

Quality Hotel Entrance

Their site has photos of a nice looking restaurant. That was closed. They’ve sent us to a nearby diner and that is one of the things I still thank them for every time I remember it. The room looks nice in the photo. But that’s actually it. Add a tiny extra space and you get the room size. The bathroom is also tiny and there’s no where to put your toiletries, especially if there are two people in a room.

The staff was however nice, really nice. Their Concierge clerk was especially nice when figuring out she messed up our shuttle reservation and left us waiting for it for 30 minutes, saying it might be late. We got a refund and paid extra to get a city car to the airport. Nice ride indeed!

Bedroom Quality Hotel NY

Quality is pricey because of its location. It was actually more expensive than Omni Shoreham. That’s to be expected for a Manhattan hotel, true, but I am pretty sure you can stay at Westin or DoubleTree for roughly the same amount, especially if you sign up for their frequent customer programs. So my advice, look around more before choosing Quality Hotel. If you don’t care much, aren’t staying long and just want the closest and cheapest deal in the Times Square area, then book a room there.

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