Coolest Casinos in the World

If you are a fan of casino games then you’ll be happy to know that there are hundreds of casinos all around the world that you can visit on holiday in order to have some of the best experiences of your life.


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Macau is world famous for its casinos and for good reason as its crown jewel of casinos is the Emperor Palace casino. The reason why this casino is so incredible to visit is just the sheer number of games available on its three different casino floors. This means that there are literally thousands of different slot machines and table games available to play at any time day or night.

One of these casinos can be found in Singapore at the Marina Sands Bay resort. This casino is housed in one of the most amazing buildings in the world that has three towers holding up a platform in the sky. It is incredible to look at and when you get to the top the view is just as good if not better as you will be in a swimming pool enjoying the warm sun. The casino is just as good as the view as well with all the games similar to those at on offer. If you want to include Singapore in a more exciting trip, you can travel from Singapore across Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia via – the largest online booking portal.

When you are looking for the Corliss casinos that can mean anything however one of the most interesting casinos that you can visit in Las Vegas has to be the Venetian casino as around its casino floor actually has a real canal with boats in it. This only adds to the atmosphere and experience you get when playing casino games in the Venetian. As well as this the Venetian houses a fantastic hotel and many different bars that you can enjoy the night away in.

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