Burgundy – Terroir unlike Any Other

The name ‘Burgundy’ comes from the ancient Germanic people originating in Bornholm who settled in the area during the Middle Ages.

The process of creating wine and liquor in general stretches back further than the Middle Ages. However, in France, it was around this time where things were beginning to fall into place in order to create the optimal conditions for one of the most heralded wine territories that the world has ever seen.

Vezelay, Burgundy, France

Let’s take a look at what makes this part of France so irresistibly perfect in the eyes of the wine enthusiasts around the world.

Burgundy Appellations

An appellation is simply the identifying name or designation of a given wine. In other words, it is a rating system based on the growing location of the grapes (more than anything else).

For those unfamiliar, terroir refers to the taste inferred to the wine by the appellation or area at which the grapes grew. Part of the reason why Burgundy receives so much respect is because Burgundy is one of the most terroir-conscious of the French wine regions. Great care is made to distinguish which areas the wine comes from, and which areas are considered the best.

Burgundy is home to many well-known appellations:

  • Chablis
  • The Cote d’Or
  • The Cote Chalonnaise
  • Macon
  • Beaujolais

Of the options listed, the Cote d’Or is regarded by wine enthusiasts as the most exquisite. The best wines in Burgundy coming from this region, but all of the appellations listed have distinctive qualities that attract the palates of a variety of wine drinkers. For example, Macon is generally recognized the world over for its Chardonnay, rich with fresh green or citrus fruit—perfect for a

Burgundy Grapes

Burgundy wines are regarded as among the most expensive and distinguished options in the world. If you find yourself roving the rolling hills of Burgundy, France, you must at least try a glass of wine made from the local grapes. Even if you are not a wine drinker, have one for the rest of us wishing that we were there.

The following are the varietals (types of grapes) that one can expect to find in the area.

  • Pinot Noir
  • Gamay
  • Chardonnay
  • Aligote

Study the list carefully. If you find yourself hanging out in a Burgundian Cafe, you will know which bottle to order if you want to impress your newfound friends by selecting something momentous for the occasion. Or, conversely, if you do not want to order the most expensive red on the entire menu!

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