American Express Announces Platinum Features to Boost Travel

We have recently discussed about the hassle traveling abroad and paying with your credit card can be when you factor in transaction fees and other commissions added by banks and credit card companies. This reality takes its toll on frequent traveler mostly, of whom the wide majority are business travelers, carrying personal or company credit cards.

Taking in the concerns and issues of travelers, American Express announced bold plans to “transform travel”, at least in the corporate and rich travelers worlds. They will be introducing three new features for their Platinum Card holders aimed at helping frequent travelers save some money during their trips.

The first of the trio os Priority Pass Select. AmEx Platinum Card holders will have access to airport lounges, about 600 of themin 300 cities across the world, adding to the existing free pass to American Airlines, Delta and US Airways. All lounges that come as a Priority Pass perk offer snaks, refreshment and the business must – Internet access.

American Express will also pay back the 100 US dollars fee requested by the Customs and Boarder Protection for applying for the Global Entry trusted traveler program, a system allowing those who are a part of it to speed up border crossing. So if you are a Platinum card holder, now is the time to make sure all the border and customs hassle is partly dealt with.


The third feature added to the Platinum Card is the lack of all foreign currency transaction fees. American Express is not the first to drop the fees, Capital One and Pentagon Federal are already issuing cards with no currency exchange fees. The previous transaction fee was of 2.7% on foreign transactions.

It seems like credit cards are starting to become the useful tool for travel they were supposed to be – less hassle and lower price tags than just carrying cash around. In order for it to actually transform travel at a large scale, the move to make international payments easy while saving money has to be applied to a wider range of cards, not just the top ones. In case you missed that, the Platinum Card is the top-of-the-line for American Express and its comes with a equally high annual fee.

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