Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Las Vegas for Free

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Las Vegas is best known for its opulent casinos and hotels, live shows, fine dining, and generally all the best ways to make your travel budget disappear. If you don’t want to join the gambling craze or spend your money on expensive shows, you can hunt for the mesmerizing, tasty, and totally free places to explore in Sin City. You’ll discover dozens of completely free activities, and my favorites are below. If you’re like me and always keep an eye out for great hotel offers, travel deals, coupons, and freebies, you’re going to love this list.

Las Vegas Night Skyline
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Mirage of the Circus

Circus shows are almost synonymous with Las Vegas. Here’s how to get free entertainment and find out all about how the circus works. Starting in late August, the KA Theatre in MGM Grand Hotel and Casino offers tours on Tuesday mornings, showcasing the mechanics of their Cirque du Soleil production.

When you’re done, visit the world’s largest permanent circus at Circus Circus Las Vegas. While the normal show isn’t cheap, you can enjoy the performances of their unicyclists and acrobats, up high above the casino floor, for free every half hour.

Explore Las Vegas Art

Visit the CityCenter fine art collection to enjoy works by Nancy Rubin, Claes Oldenburg, or Coosje van Bruggen. Displayed around a choice location in the heart of Las Vegas, this permanent collection is open 24/7 and completely free.

While you’re here, check out Akhob, the enormous installation by light artist James Turrell inside the Luis Vuitton Maison. Then check out the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for Kenny Scharf’s murals.

Worship Chocolate

While free, this activity may still end up putting a dent in your budget — unless you have great willpower and don’t bring your kids. Start by making your way to the Botanical Cactus Garden and find local chocolatier Ethel M. Chocolates.

Access to the garden is free, and you can take a self-guided tour of the Ethel M. Chocolates factory to enjoy free samples. Next, visit M&M’s World and catch a free 3D movie starring Red and Yellow. Cross the street to Hershey’s Chocolate World to see the 800-pound chocolate Statue of Liberty.

Las Vegas Strip with Streaking Lights

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And There’s More …

You’ll find more free attractions, including the following: the world’s largest gold nugget at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Strip, The Fountains of Bellagio and the hotel’s immense skylight conservatory, the huge talking statues of the Fall of Atlantis show, the Polaroid Fotobar museum, the Downtown Container Park, and the self-guided tours of the Fremont East Entertainment District.

Venetian Gondolas

Image via Flickr by D-Stanley

If you’ve come here for a list of free things to do, you probably are a budget-conscious traveler and want to enjoy everything at the lowest price possible. Just for you, here are a few extra tips: Catch the limited times when prices are lower, such as July and August during the months of extreme heat or weekday holidays (because everyone parties more during the weekend). Try to find the best Las Vegas hotel deals you can, then plan your trip around the time of the offers.

Are you convinced yet? What will be the first free thing you’ll do in Sin City?

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Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Las Vegas for Free

11 Comment to “Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Las Vegas for Free”

  1. Excellent. I think it’s so important in these economically stressful times that people inform others of attractions and things to do for less money for free as you have stated. I know going to Vegas can turn out to be quite expensive so anything to save money is always a bonus. Cheers.

  2. Nice list of some of the free things you can do in Vegas. There’s so much to do and it doesn’t have to cost money. 🙂 I’d spend more time there if everyone didn’t smoke so much.

  3. Megan says:

    Some great ideas. I didn’t know about all the places to get free chocolate. That will come in handy on my next trip.

  4. Chrysoula says:

    I had no idea you could do all this stuff in Vegas for free. The chocolate tour sounds very appealing.

  5. Bob says:

    Pretty nice list. I haven’t been to Las Vegas in awhile but when I was there you could find things that either were free or pretty cheap. It comes in handy after a losing day at the casino.

  6. So pleasant to see how to save money in Vegas! I like to take in some big ticket items and then budget for the rest when I’m there.

  7. christina says:

    You either hate Las Vegas or you love it. You either think it’s tacky or fun. I happen to like amusement parks so to me it’s like going to an adult version of a theme park. I love the circus and magic shows.

  8. These are some great tips on free things to do in Vegas since it really can be a little expensive. I’ve always considered myself luck since every time i’ve been it’s been for business with all expenses paid except my own personal entertainment 🙂 Nice post!

  9. Great tips on saving money in Vegas! I’m not much of a gambler, but I do enjoy wandering down the strip and taking in the sights of Vegas. Checking out the Mirage of the Circus and going on the chocolate tour definitely seem like great activities that I’ll have to keep in mind next time I happen to be in Vegas on a layover!

  10. Oh man, I missed out on nearly all of these! I went to Las Vegas on a budget and had the most amazing time. It just proves you don’t always have to have the biggest budget to travel to these amazing places!

  11. Christopher says:

    This is an awesome list. I will definitely bookmark this as I’ve been seeing some decently priced flights to Las Vegas from Toronto. Great posts!!!

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