Emirates-Qantas Alliance Approved by Australia’s Competition Watchdog

27 March 2013 | Views: quantas-logo The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) approved the five-year global alliance between Emirates and ... citeste mai mult

Boeing Announces Delivery of 7,500th 737 Aircraft

26 March 2013 | Views: Icelandair 737-MAX8 & MAX9 Artwork Boeing 737 is a very well known aircraft model, and the company today celebrates the ... citeste mai mult

US Report: 2012 Was Safest Year in Aviation since 1945

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Consumer advocacy resource BadAirline launched

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Car rental companies more appreciated by travelers than airlines

12 November 2012 | Views: Airlines received more complaints than car rental companies in the first nine months of 2012, ... citeste mai mult

Air travel restored after New York winter storm

9 November 2012 | Views: New York air traffic seems to have come back to normal, after a winter storm ... citeste mai mult

Airlines cancel flights as winter storm hits USA

8 November 2012 | Views: Not long after hurricane Sandy passed through, another storm blocked the air traffic in the ... citeste mai mult