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Adrian Rafail

I dream of wide oceans and high mountains. I have travelled half of Europe (the western half) and now I am trying to get to know my own little country – Romania. When I am not riding the train I am designing websites, identities, reading fantasy books and playing board games with my friends. I like to take lots of pictures, and keep them to myself. At least that’s what my friends say as I seldom find the time to share them.

Articles by Adrian

Alina Popescu

I am what you’d call a travel addict. I love packing my stuff and going somewhere new or already seen, indulge in local flavors and fragrances, meet new and interesting people, discover bits of history and take thousands of pictures like any toursit who needs to document every secondof their adventure. I never manage to bring just enough books with me on my trips, I either take too many or not enough… When I am not traveling, I run Mirror Communications, a marketing and PR agency and I write on the Words of a Broken Mirror PR blog .

Articles by Alina

Cristina Banu

I am a 28 year old SAP consultant that’s generally highly optimistic and cheerful. I enjoy traveling, long walks and listening to Pink Floyd. My favorite quick trip spot is the beach of Vama Veche (on the shore of the Black Sea, Romania), the perfect place to linger in the sun and listen to rock music.

Articles by Cristina Banu


Loredana Pascal

I have traveled ever since I was a little girl, so little that I don’t remember my first trips very well. I love the mountains, but I also like the sea. I have a long list of places I want to visit and I’m looking forward to those special moments during the year when I’m going away to discover a new place or country, to find out interesting things and meet lovely people. I’m sharing some of my travel experiences on Travel — Moments in Time blog, and you can follow me on Twitter or meet me on Facebook. In all other moments I’m working at my public relations and communication agency, PRwave International.

Articles by Loredana

Tina Romano

Daydreamer, moon watcher, music junkie extraordinaire. Bit of a voyeur with a tendency to write. Hopeless romantic with no recipe for love (if it tastes good, I’ll have a bite). Interested in music, animation, web design, architecture, poetry and men who get me worked up with imaginary pancakes. When the mood strikes I write subjectively here and objectifying here.

Articles by Tina

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